Microstories#6 Christmas..


Buying the gifts from the, small kid, standing outside the megastore.
The glint of happiness in his eyes says..
Truly.. for both, it was a Merry Christmas for sure..


The decorations done.
The turkey stuffed, already in the oven.
Suddenly goes off the smoke alarm..Oh Heaven!
But ..she hadn’t yet pressed the ‘On’ Button.


He loves his solitude,a young bachelor..
Just back from work.
He unlocks the main door.
Footsteps, on the bedroom stairs, he heard for sure.


The lights in the room , suddenly went off.
But,Of course, I have no fear.
Pfft .. thud..! The sound was loud and clear.
No hush hush tones and no tiptoe at all.
But does Santa ,really come from the Chimney ,after all?

It’s a white Christmas..chilly too.
The long French Window, offers a clear view.
No one came up or went down the snow laden path.
But weren’t those footprints new?

Dinner Time

What’s for Dinner..?!

Dinner Time

In all the households.
The question most common.
What’s for dinner?
Asks each and everyone.

At the lunch table..
They’ve just devoured a scrumptious meal.
Fixation over the dinner menu, is now the next big deal.

The what to make ,and what to avoid.
The demands of your husband and kids alike.
Taken for granted is the Mom’s job
to take care of their likes and dislikes.

If you make a healthy veggie menu.
One common opinion from everyone.
At least add some egg to the dish,
if not chicken.

The discussions and the suggestions.
And then is the dinner time.
Atleast make some funky food tomorrow.
For today this dinner is fine..!

(And the discussion continues…)

Priya Washikar.

Kaun Banega Crorepati.. KBC


Ruling the prime time on Indian Television for more than a decade.
That all in the family love to see.
It’s none other than the informative entertaining show ..
The immensely popular KBC.

The contestants from such humble background.
They come to the show harbouring their ambitions. 
We too feel good when they get the winning ammount.
With the help of their knowledge and dedication.

Amitabh Sir with his panache 
The perfect host, he plays.
Makes the participants feel at ease.
With his astute and gentlemanly ways.


Lifelines make smoother, the road to victory.
Audience poll is popular and so is
Fifty Fifty 
Seldom they also use Flip the question.
And bang on is the experts opinion.

So many formats of various quiz 
shows today.
But our KBC ,is the pioneer.
It will ,eagerly be awaited.
So long ,until next year..!!

Millions of dreams have come alive.
KBC hotseat , being the reason.
Today the last episode of this season.
Padmashri Sudha Murthy ji ..graced this ocassion.


Priya Washikar

Me and My Boys..

The morning rush..
Getting them ready for school.
Oh, help me God! My two naughty boys.
It’s an effort not to loose my cool..!

Umph!  Pancakes again for breakfast.
Mom, I can’t find my socks,please help me fast.

Just in time,I pack them in the car
I hardly hear what they are saying.
Let the school bell not ring.
The Mom in me is praying.

Once back..

I open the latch and into the warmth  of my home I come.
Over my coffee cup I realize
Oh..such was the morning humdrum!

The scramble and the hustle.
The pushing, pulling
and the tussle.

To get my ‘me time’..
I’m now so keen
Was it only a couple of hours?
Oh what a hectic morning it has been.

Priya Washikar

Microstories #5


Futile was scoring a century, in his maiden match .
When she did not turn up ,in the stands, to watch.


“Each year he romances someone new.
He’s not meant for you”..
Her brother’s warnings fell on deaf years.
Till she read his marriage invitation card , through her tears.


“Cut”! called the director .
Confidently ,to her vanity she walks away.
It had become a habit for her now..
To give the shot, one take okay.


The handshakes and bouquets.
Wishing the couple and saying
Oh! What a perfect match!
She could actually hear the
undertones, which meant..
For a dark-skinned girl like her.
He was quite a catch..!

Priya Washikar



Playing together with peers.

Children learn to adjust and
they learn also to assert.
The Park and their playground
Teaches them so much..
in all their growing years.

They get bullied and also learn to lead.
They’ll learn acceptance, overcome their fears.
They’ll get hurt and also laugh through their tears.
These experiences ,will play an important role in their later years.

Don’t stop them ..let them mingle with all other kids.
They’ll have tremendous fun, might definitely fall.
They will face all situations.
And come up with lovely and unique solutions.

The strong roots of this friendship
Are a delight to see.
If any adult intervenes.
Then “one team” these kids, will all be.

Let them handle the hiccups.
Without interference ,from the grown ups.
They ll stand by each others side, and face any problem that has come.
They always shall be…
One and for all and All for one.

Priya Washikar


Micro Stories #3

The dimly lit rooms and the small dingy lanes.
Suddenly seemed like her past life.
Today she had come to that slum, as a celebrity.
To do her bit for charity.

His classmates hooted and cheered.
The dominating boy jeered.
Yes… surprises come in small packages.
What the thin,weak looking boy did ,was a delight to watch.
The class bully, had finally met his match.

“Cut” ! ..called the director .
Confidently ,to her vanity she walks away.
It had become a habit for her now..
To give the shot, one take okay.

Futile was scoring a century, in his maiden match .
When she did not turn up ,in the stands, to watch.

The thunderous applause from the audience , at the award function.
Faded in the background though.
He had ears only for the gentle claps of someone special , seated in the first row.

Priya Washikar


Sorry” is not just a little word.
It’s significance,is known by us all.
Just say it without inhibitions.
One little sorry …
Does not make anyone, big or small.

Just say like you mean it
Straight from the heart.
A Sorry can mend differences.
Brings closer, the people, who are apart.

It can be said with a bunch of flowers.
Or a small card.Or it can be just
a phone call.
The best thing that works is,
A sincere ‘Sorry’ , that’s all.

But never say Sorry, if you don’t mean the same.
Or never even utter it, if you know, you are right as rain.
Begging someone’s pardon and appeasing their psyche
Is not going to do anything to set things right.

Sorry should be said and meant
with both sides in accordance.
It should not be forced upon.
Never underestimate, it’s influence.

Let’s not pamper our egos
If your heart says..
you really have said ,or done something unwise.
Forget everything else.
Just reach out and apologize.