The Cosmic Dance


The Celestial Dance..

The black sky is lit with glowing ,myriad, hues that adorn ,her form divine.
She’s the epitome of pulchritude,
A symbol, of hope and peace for mankind.

She’s the ethereal beauty,her dance so cosmic.
Generations on earth have cherished and revered her mystique.

She’s adorned lullabies and has graced every bed time story .
Regaled were tales of her grace and glory.

A tender smile,curves her lips
That one twinkling star
is today, within her reach

And she shall Christen humanity with,her shimmering spray.
For well being of mankind,she shall eternally pray.

There’s an alluring ombre in the sky ,when gracefully her embellished dress shall sway.
She shall make the world will be a safer Haven and keep all perils at bay.

@Priya Washikar
It’s Only Words.

She..The Earth.

She glows in the warm sunlight.
She glistens in the silvery moon.
She bears the icy mountains with solemn pride.
The rivers,seas represent her unfathomable might.

She adorns nature blessings.
She symbolizes hope ,represents a new beginning.
Though she also exemplifies cessation..
Our Earth nutures innumerable generations.

We owe her our existence
Beautiful she is, a cosmic creation.
She is the eternal truth not any conjecture.
She blesses us with the wealth of bountiful nature.

To protect her glory and identity.
But, here I would like to quote earnestly.
Recycle,Reuse, Reduce should be our life’s way together.
Our Earth ,will be a green and serene place forever.

She..The Earth.

गोडी तिळगुळाची..

संक्रांतीच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्या..!

वर्षाच्या सुरुवातीला सगळीकडे लगबग संक्रांतीची.
गुलाबी थंडीतही ऊब नात्यांची.
तीळ आणि गुळाची स्पेशल जोडी.
सणाला येते मग अवीट गोडी.

खमंग तीळ आणि गोडवा गुळाचा.
सुगंध दरवळे चिमुटभर वेलचीचा.
लाडू ,वड्या किंवा असो हल्वा मस्त.
चुटकीसरशी होतो फस्त.

नातलगांना ,शेजाऱ्यांना, लहापणापासून मोठ्यांना.
तिळगुळ प्रिय अतिशय सर्वांना.
आजच्या दिवशी मिटते भांडण, संपतो अबोला.
तिळगुळ घ्या आणि गोड गोड बोला.


The Lake

The water in the lake today ,looks unusually calm.
But black clouds, are gathering at a fast pace.
Is it a lull before the storm?

The lake reflects the colors ,the sky adorns.
Be it grey or black or blue.
Mirroring the shades, of the surrounding trees.
At times it looks a tad greenish too.

Ever so often, it carries gentle waves.
As though it sings, the tunes of the breeze.
It’s presence ,inconspicuous among the dense trees, as there it silently lies.
It’s being ,a soothing sight for tired and weary eyes.

Many a sunsets, it has witnessed and also the amazing sunrise.
This lake is unassumingly beautiful, serene .
It’s never fails to mesmerize..!
05Jan 2020

२०२०..नवे वर्ष,नव्या आकांक्षा

सुख ,शांती ..लाभो विचारांची प्रगल्भता
नव्या आशा ,नवीन आकांक्षा.
नव्या वर्षाकडून करूया,
याच माफक अपेक्षा.

वर्ष नवे आनंद नवा.
असमंतातला उत्साह वाटे हवा हवा.

नव्या वळणांचे स्वागत करून.
वेगळ्या वाटा बघुयात अवलंबून.
आपल्या कर्तृत्वाने ,वेगळी उंची गाठून.
२०२० चे करूया स्वागत मनापासून.

२०१९ च्या या संध्याकाळी.
सहज मनात मग विचार येई.
कास धरूयात नव्या विचारांची .
आशावादी असेलच सकाळ उद्याची.


Memories are your treasures.
They are closest to the heart ,
Each of them is special one.
For each and everyone.

Memories of childhood ,
those carefree, fun filled days.
Lately we,can’t help but think.
Best was that phase..


Of the exciting road trips,
on which you have been.
Mesmerizing was the first
snowfall,you’ve ever seen.

Of sleeping under the starlit sky Watching the kite soaring high

Today when we so busyLife surely was simple and easy

Paper boats in the drizzling rain

Of meetings with your soulmate.
Oh!  those wonderful years.
Weddings, relationships, kids and their milestones.
All the smiles and the tears.

The list actually is endless.
Each one more cherished and priceless.

Happy Memories are the best anecdotes.
That’s what they say.
Reminiscing about them is
what we thrive on.
They brighten a morose day..!

Yes..agreed memories can be sad too.
Of betrayal, misunderstandings
or someone passing away.
They can sometimes cast a grey cloud.
At the end of the day.

But let’s be optimistic.
And live on our happy memories of our past.
Coz they are the ones which will suffice.
And be with us till the end of our lives.

Priya Washikar

“Take Care”..!Says the Mom.

Oh Mom..! Wherever we go ,whatever we might be doing.
For smallest of the issues you will forever be worrying.
“Take care dear”
The one thing you’ll always be saying.

Partying  out with friends.
Or even to the gym we go.
You always are so worried.
I wonder why is it so.

A thought ,comes to my mind.
Which only a ‘Mom’ can think.
For me you shall always be my 
‘ baby’ you know.
However muscular , strong and tall you grow.

But my dear kids, I can’t help it.!
Take care ..I’ll be saying hundred times.
Coz..My world revolves ,around the apple of my eyes .

In Love With The Boss..?!

A look in your eyes says,
what thousand words fail to say.
So exquisite our relationship.
There’s no need of words anyway.

But, an endearment here and there.
My ears keep seeking.
We’re so busy in our project deadlines.
‘You’ are the one,my eyes keep searching.

An ocassional smile.
Is what keeps me going anyway.
That’s why you are so special.
Your slightest of glances,takes my breath away.

My dear Hubby. You as my Boss..
Working with you, in the same office together.
In you ,I have ,the best husband, colleague and a Senior.
By each other’s side.Forever and ever.

Priya Washikar


The Year That Went By..

The year that went by…

Yes..I learnt something new.
Yes..I became a mature person too.
Yes..I exceeded my own expectations.
Discovered, my hidden talent ,of new creations.

Not everything went as planned.
Not always, is life, a dreamland.
But, yes with it’s twists and turns.
I enjoyed these surprises… each and everyone.

Yes..the year that went by
Was a learning joyride.
Yes…I learnt from my mistakes,
I’m not afraid and I shall not hide.

Just two weeks to go ,and
And the New year, we shall all welcome..
Surely it’s gonna be brighter, better
and full of optimism.

Wish..all my readers had a fabulous 2019 and looking forward to an enriching 2020.

Priya Washikar