The Cosmic Dance


The Celestial Dance..

The black sky is lit with glowing ,myriad, hues that adorn ,her form divine.
She’s the epitome of pulchritude,
A symbol, of hope and peace for mankind.

She’s the ethereal beauty,her dance so cosmic.
Generations on earth have cherished and revered her mystique.

She’s adorned lullabies and has graced every bed time story .
Regaled were tales of her grace and glory.

A tender smile,curves her lips
That one twinkling star
is today, within her reach

And she shall Christen humanity with,her shimmering spray.
For well being of mankind,she shall eternally pray.

There’s an alluring ombre in the sky ,when gracefully her embellished dress shall sway.
She shall make the world will be a safer Haven and keep all perils at bay.

@Priya Washikar
It’s Only Words.

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