The Year That Went By..

The year that went by…

Yes..I learnt something new.
Yes..I became a mature person too.
Yes..I exceeded my own expectations.
Discovered, my hidden talent ,of new creations.

Not everything went as planned.
Not always, is life, a dreamland.
But, yes with it’s twists and turns.
I enjoyed these surprises… each and everyone.

Yes..the year that went by
Was a learning joyride.
Yes…I learnt from my mistakes,
I’m not afraid and I shall not hide.

Just two weeks to go ,and
And the New year, we shall all welcome..
Surely it’s gonna be brighter, better
and full of optimism.

Wish..all my readers had a fabulous 2019 and looking forward to an enriching 2020.

Priya Washikar

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