Microstories#6 Christmas..


Buying the gifts from the, small kid, standing outside the megastore.
The glint of happiness in his eyes says..
Truly.. for both, it was a Merry Christmas for sure..


The decorations done.
The turkey stuffed, already in the oven.
Suddenly goes off the smoke alarm..Oh Heaven!
But ..she hadn’t yet pressed the ‘On’ Button.


He loves his solitude,a young bachelor..
Just back from work.
He unlocks the main door.
Footsteps, on the bedroom stairs, he heard for sure.


The lights in the room , suddenly went off.
But,Of course, I have no fear.
Pfft .. thud..! The sound was loud and clear.
No hush hush tones and no tiptoe at all.
But does Santa ,really come from the Chimney ,after all?

It’s a white Christmas..chilly too.
The long French Window, offers a clear view.
No one came up or went down the snow laden path.
But weren’t those footprints new?