Dinner Time

What’s for Dinner..?!

Dinner Time

In all the households.
The question most common.
What’s for dinner?
Asks each and everyone.

At the lunch table..
They’ve just devoured a scrumptious meal.
Fixation over the dinner menu, is now the next big deal.

The what to make ,and what to avoid.
The demands of your husband and kids alike.
Taken for granted is the Mom’s job
to take care of their likes and dislikes.

If you make a healthy veggie menu.
One common opinion from everyone.
At least add some egg to the dish,
if not chicken.

The discussions and the suggestions.
And then is the dinner time.
Atleast make some funky food tomorrow.
For today this dinner is fine..!

(And the discussion continues…)

Priya Washikar.

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