Me and My Boys..

The morning rush..
Getting them ready for school.
Oh, help me God! My two naughty boys.
It’s an effort not to loose my cool..!

Umph!  Pancakes again for breakfast.
Mom, I can’t find my socks,please help me fast.

Just in time,I pack them in the car
I hardly hear what they are saying.
Let the school bell not ring.
The Mom in me is praying.

Once back..

I open the latch and into the warmth  of my home I come.
Over my coffee cup I realize
Oh..such was the morning humdrum!

The scramble and the hustle.
The pushing, pulling
and the tussle.

To get my ‘me time’..
I’m now so keen
Was it only a couple of hours?
Oh what a hectic morning it has been.

Priya Washikar

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