Playing together with peers.

Children learn to adjust and
they learn also to assert.
The Park and their playground
Teaches them so much..
in all their growing years.

They get bullied and also learn to lead.
They’ll learn acceptance, overcome their fears.
They’ll get hurt and also laugh through their tears.
These experiences ,will play an important role in their later years.

Don’t stop them ..let them mingle with all other kids.
They’ll have tremendous fun, might definitely fall.
They will face all situations.
And come up with lovely and unique solutions.

The strong roots of this friendship
Are a delight to see.
If any adult intervenes.
Then “one team” these kids, will all be.

Let them handle the hiccups.
Without interference ,from the grown ups.
They ll stand by each others side, and face any problem that has come.
They always shall be…
One and for all and All for one.

Priya Washikar