Sorry” is not just a little word.
It’s significance,is known by us all.
Just say it without inhibitions.
One little sorry …
Does not make anyone, big or small.

Just say like you mean it
Straight from the heart.
A Sorry can mend differences.
Brings closer, the people, who are apart.

It can be said with a bunch of flowers.
Or a small card.Or it can be just
a phone call.
The best thing that works is,
A sincere ‘Sorry’ , that’s all.

But never say Sorry, if you don’t mean the same.
Or never even utter it, if you know, you are right as rain.
Begging someone’s pardon and appeasing their psyche
Is not going to do anything to set things right.

Sorry should be said and meant
with both sides in accordance.
It should not be forced upon.
Never underestimate, it’s influence.

Let’s not pamper our egos
If your heart says..
you really have said ,or done something unwise.
Forget everything else.
Just reach out and apologize.

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