Buddha..The Enlightened One..!!

Born in the lap of luxury.
An only child, of the King and Queen.
His childhood spent ,as protected as can be.
Never did he know, what is pain and misery.

It all changed suddenly one night.
When prince Siddhartha, was moved to see human’s pain and plight.
Exposed to the harsh reality of life, without warning.
Something, changed in him, abruptly ,on seeing human suffering.

That instant ,He knew, in his heart .That something had to be done.
He stepped out in the dark night, leaving behind his wife and son.
And thus ,embarked on the journey.
Where Prince Siddhartha became Gautam… The Awakened One.

Enlightenment,He attained ,under the Bodhi Tree.
He showed us the Path of Nirvana and spirituality.
We,human beings will attain salvation.
Through observance and meditation.

His qoutes, very simple words, their relevance timeless.
It’s true for past, present and future.
He is Buddha.. He is the Enlightened One.
His teachings will be a , legacy for generations to come.

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