Her Decision’s Done..

She sits on the sands….

The fathomless Ocean spread, as far as the eye can see.
It’s the perfect setting , she was longing for..
To set her thoughts free.

The evening wind , has a cool nip.
It smells of the salt and sea.
She’s relaxed,her eyes closed.
The breeze ,ruffles her curls lovingly.

The gulls singing ,on the shore.
Couples strolling, hand in hand.
Their bare feet, nonchalant.
On the the soft , wet sand.

The Sun,is a deep orange.
Glorious,as its ready to set.
Giving way to the Moon, with it’s silvery light.
In the calm, of the starry night.

It’s two days now ,since she’s embarked , on her solo tour.
She needed time,to calmly think , about things, she wasnt sure.

They are both ambitious.
Her partner and she.
They both had achieved more ,than they wanted.
At which point ,did things go wrong?
Did they take each other, for granted?

Too many questions.
The answers, needed to be searched.
In her mind was ringing ,
his each and every word.

Nurturing relationships ,takes
years and years.
To break it..takes one moment.
They both ,wanted to give themselves ,another chance.
Rather than, let go and repent.

But was this the right path,
that she was treading on?
She sat on the beach ,motionless.
Till the sun was long gone.

She gave herself into the serenity ,of this hour.
Some decisions needed to
be made of that she was sure.
So calming was the solace, she today had got.
Some time she had longed for ,to gather her own thoughts.

Slowly she stood,looked up,at the jet black sky.
Suddenly she sees ,a rare ,
shooting star.
It’s like a ray of hope which is saying.
That days of  happiness are
not too far.

Her retreating footprints in the sand.
Back to the cottage she treads.
Yes..she’s sure..she’s gonna set things right.
Her decision is made!

Priya Washikar..Its Only Words

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