Being A Mom…!

Her day starts, before everyone.
She’s always there for us.
Running around all day.
Snatching rare  moments of ” me time ” , when all are away.

Showing interest in the game of
foot ball .
In the share markets rise and fall .
She’s up-to-date, with all dates and celebrations.
She abreast with latest
trends in teenage fashion.

Mom goes on doing ,endless chores.
Her family’s well-being ,she makes sure
At the end of the day ..
A little respect and a caring glance,
Is all that she needs and wants.

Her work  actually, will never cease.
Coz always in her mind,  “The Mom” she is.
But really I have a question here,
I am so tempted to ask.
Can she really put her feet up and say..
I can now relax, I’m done for the day..!

Priya Washikar.

It’s Only Words.

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