It’s Only Words..


Words are profound,their reach infinite
Words convey feelings.
Words impart knowledge and wisdom
Be astute ,of what you mean,say, and listen


Words, are a powerful weapon.
Which can cause ,hurt and pain.
But they also are, a soothing balm.
Which heals ,as no other therapy can.

Words mend bridges,..but
can create gaps ,that take ages to mend.
A beautiful medium ,to express emotions.
Words overcome, difficult situations.

Power of words, not to be taken lightly.
Use the concise words rightly.
Be cautious, of what you say or comment.
Coz once the damage is words can salvage the moment.

Say what you mean.
Mean what you say.
Words are sublime
Each one is meaningful in it’s own way.

Happy and joyful words ,brighten your day.
Words of hate ,you keep at bay.
Words ,as vows , to be forgotten never.
Loving words are jewels, to be cherished forever !!

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