International Men’s Day..!

To all the Men ,we respect and adore ..!

The Men..we adore

To your Father.

His blessings are the reason.
You have reached, new heights.
He’s your Father..
He’s the first love, for each and every daughter.

To your Brother.
Who’s ” always there”.
He’s the one,
who will protect and care.

To your Best Friend.
Through thick and thin,
he’s always by your side.
Making sure life,
is a memorable joyride.

To the Son.. literally your heart beat.
He’s all and more,
than you ever wished.
Watching him grow,
are memories you cherish.

To the Grandson.
The Apple of your eye.
You will often, cover up for him.
He knows, you two are a “solid team”

To the Teacher .Our Guru.
Shaping and moulding our lives.
A little strict ,at times a little kind.
The deep impact,of his teachings..
Engraved in your mind.

Last..but definitely not the least.
To your Husband..!
A note which will convey.
He’s the love of your life, he’s your pride.
Together ,you look the best,
by each other’s side.

So,to all the Men, in our lives.
We are lucky to have them.
These Men we adore.
Each day, manifold..more and more!!

Priya Washikar.
It’s Only Words.

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