Sita..The Symbol Of Sacrifice.

Princess of Mithila.
Known for her bravery and beauty alike.
She is Janaki ,She’s Lord Rama’s beloved wife.
Sita ..I feel ,was the exemplification of self sacrifice.


The brave and spirited Maithili , took a vow.
She’ll wed the prince who will string Lord Shiva’s bow.
At her Swayamvar, impressed by his countenance and powers.
Her heart chose, her Lord Rama ,over all others.

She accepted with courage what fate imposed.
Fourteen years of exile with Lord Rama she chose.
Abducted by the wicked King Ravana.
Her rescue from Lanka  was an integral part of Ramayana.

Agnipariksha symbolized.
Immense was her sacrifice.
Though completely chaste..
This ethereal beauty,
Agreed for the so called test of her purity.

Forced into exile a second time.
She raised Luv and Kush single handedly.
Vaidehi, made sure Lord Rama was united with their sons.
Kept her promise, and never set eyes, on her soulmate even once.

In the end ..
She reunited with her mother Earth.
That was her will,such was her yearning.
For years and years to come..
Sita ,forever will be an embodiment of dedication and waiting.

It’s Only Words..

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