Moms are the friends we take for granted.
They ll have a solution, for all our problems.
What we need.. to face an issue big or small.
Is their caring warm hand on the back, that’s all.

Each day they do loads for us, 
without a single mention.
“Did you eat anything today”?
will be their universal question .

Waiting up for dinner,
and worrying when 
we are away.
They will never
eat without us,
however late it is
in the day

For them , we are eternally toddlers ,
who need their help and care.
Over the years the roles have reversed
Of which they are unaware.

Many things we realize when we step in their shoes.
We now easily relate with their ‘don’ts and the ‘do’s.’

When you, are the one, who 
now has to say, “I told you so”!
Their million dollar advice is ,
go with the flow.

We can share many secrets.. 
Ours is an eternal friendship.
One single word is not enough,
To describe this adorable relationship.

Mom you are precious beyond words!

It’s Only Words..

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