We..The Women.

We, The Women..are an unique kind.
Strong in body ,but stronger in mind.

Home,Office,School ,tuitions,grocers, be it any errand.
Our ‘ to-do’  list ,actually has no end.
However fast we’ve got to race.
We handle everything with utmost grace.

Our strength lies ,in our innner will power.
We are the support system ,
in all the downfalls.
We maintain the balance in our family.
Whenever any tragedy befalls.

From ,”Where is my wallet” to “I can’t find my book”.
We are well versed with every corner and nook.
We handle finances and investments for sure.
We can take care of the most trivial  chore.

At times,we are the ones who will stay up all night.
To take care ,of the smallest pains and cries.
From busy mornings ,to busier evenings.
We handle everything ,with panache and poise.

At the end of the day ,when we relax and finally hit the sack.
We crave for  caring word ,or a pat on the back.
Gestures like these give us energy for sure.
To start the new day with renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

Coz..Though ,We -The women, are far stronger, than we seem.
With our loved ones by our side, we surely form a better team!

After all..
It’s Only Words.

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