The Unsung Heroes..

The Unsung Heroes

Leaders are great.
Of course they are glorious 
The trend setters of our society 
and  no doubt courageous .

Leaders shine, ever the heroes.
We know them by their name. 
Always the achievers.
They get  the attention and the fame

But there’s a steady hand .
Supportive, when the captain wavers 
The ones who make them heroes..stand by them ,
are none other than their faithful followers. 

Never forget a supporter,
away from  the lime light..
A resolute hand ,always steady,
ever protective of the leaders might.

Their support never falters,
their egos nonexistent as can be
These followers are selfless
and might be as simple as you and me.

Don’t underestimate their patience. 
Never undermine their pain
Great leaders always need greater follwers. 
History has proven,time and again

These unsung  bravehearts, 
anonymous  at times,
never their let their support  waiver . 
They are the silent soldiers 
who despite being in the shadows. 
Always  make sure their leaders stay 
“heroes ” forever !

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