Sri Venkatesha Govinda.

SriVenkatesha Govinda..

An incarnation of Vishnu.
In the Tirumala Hills.
He’s the Supreme Balaji.
He’s the Lord of Tirupati.

The Beautiful temple ,
Holy abode of God.
Immensely magnificent.
From the ,grand Gopuram,  
To ..the calm and spiritual sanctorum.

All through the ages devotees believe.
You shall get a chance to visit ,
only when the God will call.
Such is the power , magnificent aura..
Hundreds of steps and you don’t feel ,
fatigue at all.

His presence is all around us.
His blessings are always with us.
He’s God  Srinivasa ..He’s Celestial 
Getting us out of perils unscarred.
Is totally unfathomable..!

The devotees shower him with 
gold and wealth.
In return they pray for prosperity and health.
Believe in him, He is God Balaji ,the omnipresent.
Srinivasa..Govinda., He’s transcendent.

In the sea of devotees..
One moment in the temple 
is enough to last a lifetime.
So immense is his aura.
The emotion more intense ,
as you visit him everytime

An eternal wait for his Lakshmi.
He’s standing here ,waiting for centuries .
He’s Venkatesha ..One of the most important Hindu deities.

Govinda Hari Govinda.
Srivenkatesha Govinda..!

Priya Washikar.

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