Shri Krishna..

Shri Krishna

He takes,soft butter from the Gopi’s homes.
Plays the role of a naughty child to perfection..!!
He’s none other than Balkrishna.
He’s Manmohan..
The darling of Vrindavan.

Krishna killed Kalia ,the king of serpents.
Saved the river Yamuna from his evil torment.
He rescued the Gopis from the wrathful rains fury.
He is Krishna ,he’s Govardhan Giridhari.

Krishna Murari’s flute 
With his magical tunes.
It’s music is endearing.
So divine.. .so mesmerizing.

His universal form, gave Arjuna ,
glimpse of everything celestial and real.
A turning point in Mahabharata.
He is Saarthi …he is Madhava!!

Raas Lila- His expertise in dance.
Her Shyam, puts Radha,in a trance.
Meera’s worship for her Mohan is musical.
Their devotion is matchless and incomparable!!

Govinda ,Gopal, Mukund ,Murari
We rever  him by our favorite name
For us he’s our divine Krishna.
He’s the eternal one,forever the same.

Jai Shri Krishna !!

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