Dearest Sister…


Age is just a number.
It’s all in the mind. 
With each passing day,
happiness and contentment,
we all aspire to find. 

Time is passing by.
You will be forty within days.
Let your hair down and 
just enjoy life’s new phase.

You always have been dedicated to family and kids so far.
Do not feel guilty, if a 
little carefree now ,you are.
Catching up with old friends, will be refreshing.
Don’t forget them, as they’re life’s true blessing.

Enjoy doing  the things,
which time did not permit before.
Don’t get bogged down,
with commitments any more.

Reinvent yourself
Indulge in some fun.
Life is too unpredictable.
This chance might be your last one.

A little responsible 
a little naughty.
Someone rightly said..
Life begins at forty.

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