His and Hers..


Husband and wife..His and Hers

Hold each others hand
Have each others back.
Sometimes, she’ll be accommodating.
At times, you step back.

Admit it ,when he is right.
Accept it from within.
It does take a large heart to forgive.
You lose some, and some you win.

Opt for endearments ,use softer words..
when her voice tends to be high.
Only thing that matters here is,
Love and trust.
Doesn’t matter what ,where ,or why?

Be the strength when he needs you most.
When the waves are rough.
Only a  calming touch or
a soothing hand on the back is enough.

In the flow of life ,
When the ‘I’  becomes ” we”
Protect each others  ‘individuality’
When two streams , one river you will be.

It’s Only Words..

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