Confessions of a Shopaholic..

Confessions of a shopaholic…!!

Every shopping trip..I tell my friends..

No no not this time
I’m done with my shopping
I’ll just tag along 
And help you while choosing.

We enter the showroom and plan,
only to ruminate in the stack.
But one feel of the array of colorful clothes in the rack .
Makes it impossible to put them back.

Though what we have in mind is just window shopping.
The latest of fashion trends get
too tempting.
Just to see if the color suits us.
What’s the harm in trying it out once.

We head to the fitting rooms..
Simply to help friends choose their outfit.
No plans to shop as yet .
Decision is made,our mind is set??

No no no..not two .
Neither one.
I was here last week .
My shopping is done.

Temptation gets the better of us.
And we find ourselves in the billing queue.
Need a dress for the party this weekend.
And I have nothing new!

After all..

It’s Only Words.

Shopaholics !!

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