A Beautiful Life..


A Beautiful Life

What is beautiful..a baby’s smile.
Love for her child in the mothers eyes.

The deep blue sea..the setting sun 
Seven colors of the rainbow 
When they merge into one. 

The fragrant earth after the first drop,
..on a rainy day. 
The waft of spirituality 
when you enter a temple and pray. 

A grandmothers hand,wrinkled and old
It’s feel on our back,gentle so! 
An old couple holding hands, sitting together 
Abiding by the promise made years ago

You might find beauty ,in a kind gesture 
Or in words someone says.  
Each moment so precious 
Beauty touches in the smallest of ways. 

Life itself is so blissful.
Little things to experience, feel and see.
Beauty is all around.
It lies within you and me.

Priya Washikar. 

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