The Lonely Tree..

The Lonely Tree

Last year they came with cutters, huge and hefty.
Only to make the land ,barren and empty.
They cut all trees, big and small.
Making way for a shopping mall.

His friends he lost.His near ones gone.
Oh! How he wish the time would rewind.
The tears in his eyes were making him blind.
He doesn’t even remember, how he got left behind.

Recently he overheard ,someone say.
If he was hurt , tragedy will befall.
So once in a few days, some religious beings.
Come to him with their offerings.

Oh!  How he now wished he never was special.
Why..Oh why! Did they let him free?
On this barren land ,today ,he’s the only tree.
Here, he is now..The lonely tree…!!

Priya Washikar

It’s Only Words..

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