The caring elder brother and the loving younger sister..

One is like cheese,
The other chalk.
Right from the way they look, respond and talk.

One is outspoken.
The other quite shy.
We are the winds beneath their wings,
which make them fly.

Every day of parenting is a beautiful experience,
Enriches our mind.
Their warmth,love and trust
Our children are so kind.

He resembles his mother.But is like his dad at heart.
She her father’s replica.But is her mum’s sweetheart.

Like his dad , he’s caring and warm
And she takes time to bloom
Just like her mom.

A people’s person,he’ s warm and social. Her quietude and sensitivity makes her Oh so special.

Their bond we pray ,may get stronger by the day.
May they learn to receive and give.

Angels of our family.the core of our existence.Our children ,are the reason we love and live.

Priya Washikar

It’s Only Words.