Ready to fly..

From one parent to others..

Animated Adolescents..
in the new phase of their life.
Adventurous and Restless.
Enjoy their company.
These moments so priceless.

Relish your time with them ,
when you can.
This phase is the best.
Memories you can rely on.
When they fly away from the nest.

Their swaying mood.
Your kitchen busy with their
untimely demands for food.
Their messy room,books 
and clothes amiss.
Is something you will utterly miss.

But leave their homes.. they have to.
Coz their dreams are big 
and horizons wide.
Wiser and mature when they return
After life’s roller coaster ride.

Not a great thought to hold them back.
Instill in them the confidence,
Make sure you understand how they feel.
Assure them that there’s nothing 
with which they can’t deal.

The journey outside is tough.
Advise them not to lose hope midway.
Teach them to be independent.
But assure them that you’ll be a phone call away.

Prepare yourself for their leaving ,
Be supportive and strong.
At times it’s good to let go,
Rather than cling on.

You all are parents.
I too am one.
Letting go is difficult.
Easier said than done..!

To the parents of all adolescent children.
It’s Only Words.

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