Om Namah Shivaay..!


Penance in Himalayas.
The Ganga emerging from his head. 
Shiva is the eternal truth.
Shiva is beginning and also the end.

Shiva is the Yogi.The  Radiant Asetic  
He is Rudra , his prowess infinite.
Shiva’s depiction is Natraj ,as a cosmic dancer.
His blessings are with every performer.

He saved the world from the vicious poison.
Only Shiva will  destroy all the evil 
and imperfection.
All the beings will then be reborn.
And the World will be a new Creation.

His Trident ,embodiment of power.
Protects the ardent follower.
Shiva is the eternal truth 
and there’s nothing beyond.
He is Mahadev. The Supreme God.
Om Namah Shivaay!

Priya Washikar.

It’s Only Words.

Om Namah Shivaay

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