Magical Winter..

Magical Winter..

Fallen leaves get a sprinkling of snow.
The air is frosty and the cold winds blow.
The days are short and the nights darker.
Autumn has given way to winter.

Nights spent near cozy fireplaces,
on the cushy ,restful rugs
Winter is all about lazy mornings and warm hugs.

Sweaters and jackets,
for the nip in the air.
Colourful scarves,
for the wind in your hair.

Small pleasures in the 
comfort of your home.
The soup piping hot.
Tantalizing smell of fresh Coffee 
brewing in a pot.

White Winters are enigmatic.
Like the fairy tales.
Snowy days do add a charm to Christmas and the holidays.

Mysterious is the leafless look that the trees adorn.
Dewy grass beckons in the misty morning.
Long walks and the fresh air.
Hazy Winter in it’s own sweet way
is so enticing.

Priya Washikar

It’s Only Words..