Giving away the bride…Kanyadaan.

Giving away the bride or Kanyadaan.
A prominent custom in Indian weddings.

To all Indian weddings
that we have been.
A symbolic ritual ,we all have seen.
But sometimes ,I truly wonder
What does this practice really mean ? 

The father of the bride,
taking her right hand.
And giving it in the hands,
of his daughter’s man.

Suggesting to him ,that he adheres,
by his commitment.
Desiring that they share love and fulfillment.

Though it’s a stereotype.
But there’s essence behind the hype.

You are parting with someone,
utterly precious to you
Your daughter ,who you think ,
is another part of you.

This has  been the custom for
each generation.
Over the years  there’s been 
a gradual transformation.

People are now  more accepting 
on the whole.
Education and exposure have played
an important role.

With the “giving away” ceremony,
she takes with her ,your blessing.
And valuable qualities of your upbringing.

Her new family welcomes her,
when she crosses  the threshold .
They are  people whom now
she will call her own.

Times have changed..
“Giving away” ..this term
more and more cliched.

But she’s not going away.
Even till today..
your daughter ‘s still  your part.
Your very own sweet heart !!

Priya Washikar.


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