Shri Ganesh..

The son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
He’s everyone’s favorite deity.
He’s the ultimate exemplar of divinity.
He’s Ganesh…He is Ganapati.
His pleasant countenance ,adored by everyone.
His aura always comparable to the radiant Sun.
Ganesha as Prathamesh ,is revered before every performance.
Any auspicious occasion is incomplete.
Without his benevolence.
He’s Gajaanan, the Elephant God of knowledge ,intelligence and prosperity.
He blesses us with success and protects us from adversity.
He rescues us from any imminent adversity.
He’s Vighnaharta.. He’s Ganapati..
Elephantine head and a stomach so round.
Adorable Lambodar…means Om..the primal sound.
Modak and laddoo ,his favorite sweet.
Contentment we feel
When we touch his feet.
Vinayaka, rules the heart of every devotee.
He Moreshwar..he’s Ganapati.
Lakhs of people, united in joy and fervour.
Ganpati Festival, makes sure they come together.
They celebrate the joy of worship and reverence !
Lord Ganaraj is the favorite of each everyone !!
Ganapati Bappa Moraya..!!
Priya Washikar

It’s Only Words..

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