A new day..!


The first drops of  mist, on her upturned face, on her soft cheeks fall.
This bliss,the solitude ,
It’s what she had longed for.

A walk at dawn ,in the quiet woods..
The mists floating by.
The leaves rustle with every step ,as the breeze at dawn glides by.

The valley still in slumber.
Just about rise.
The dewdrops  on the petals..
She caresses in awe and surprise.

Slowly she treads,there’s a slight prudence in her step..
The Beauty of this moment nudges her to unwind…
As though It says  throw the  caution to the winds
And open up your mind.

The path slightly turns.
And there’s, this breathtaking view.
Where this path is heading
She has no clue..

Life’s not been easy lately.
At times quite hard.
Grit and gumption in her demeanor
She takes a step forward

The rising sun ..always a symbol of optimism,
Helps her unwind.

How  will today be she wonders.
Events can turn any which way.
But this moment is hers and hers alone to cherish .
Her face lights up with a confident smile,
And she gets ready to face the new day!!

Priya Washikar.

It’s Only Words..

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